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Program | Crossroads
Colours of Ostrava
Festival v ulicích
Rok české hudby



Témata panelových příspěvku konference Crossroads. Konferenčním jazykem je angličtina. 

9.15 zahájení

9.30 Zlata Holušová, Petr Dorůžka – Czech and Moravian styles on the European map

10.00 Jiří Plocek – East European family of styles

10.20 Aleš Opekar – Rock and Alternative 

10.40 Petr Ostrouchov – The brave new jazz generation 

11.00 Josef Ostřanský – Czech alternative scene, music from Brno

11.20 Keith Jones – Punk rock and underground movements in former Czechoslovakia in global context

11.40–13.00 volné diskuse, prohlídky stánků, oběd 

13.00–14.00 panel topic The hidden spell of East/Central Europe 

  • After Gypsy Fiddlers  and Balkan Brass Bands, What Else Does the East Offer to Western Ears? Share with Us Your Secret Discoveries. 
  • Ben Mandelson
  • Grit Friedrich
  • Adrew Croshaw
  • Bożena Szota
  • Ken Hunt

14.10–15.10 panel topic Musicians in the Hard Times of Austerity

  • a) While arts funding is shrinking, it doesn't stop the creativity. 
  • b) Poland and Ukraine: an uncharted territory and huge market. The roads are rough and bumpy, but audiences passionate and open for new things. 
  • c)  In 2015, Womex breaks through the former Iron Curtain to Budapest, what's behind the Hungarian success story? 
  • Karin Ostřanská
  • Petr Ostrouchov
  • Marta Dobosz
  • András Lelkes

15.10–15.30 discussion, exhibition area

16.00–16.45 transfer to the showcase venue (or hotel)

17.00–01.00 showcase Club Cooltour and Marley